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f words
f words

False Evidence Appearing Real has the ability to

cripple the living and stop a life worthy of ourselves. There is
no greater stumbling block.

We will all have one so lets plan to go out with a bang, to play and live hard, love big, laugh loud, hug long. To end well by hearing, well done my good and faithful servant.

able to make another person laugh out loud.

For me there is no higher compliment than being

are the family we get to pick, so surround yourself with many, keep a few close to your heart and have only one you call best.

It wasn't until I became a May-May (grandmother) that I finally understood what all the hard work was about. There is no job title more
important than Mom and Dad.

I have had none better than
at my
cooked by my husband.

I am positive we do not understand or appreciate its full measure until
we have lost it or at the very least a piece.

It's one of our only renewable resources;

we have the ability to make, waste, give away or horde. We just wont have the option to take it with us when we leave.

The crazy thing about faith is God loves us so much to give us a choice in having or not having faith in him and no matter what we end up deciding He loves us anyway. I've got miles to learn about this.